Two Chinese tourists hurt as boat capsizes

The Black Marlin 8888 speedboat with 23 Chinese tourists on board sinks off Koh Samet in Rayong on Thursday. (Photo from @Disaster_TH Twitter account)

Two Chinese tourists were slightly injured after their speedboat hit an underwater rock and sunk off Koh Samet in Rayong on Thursday.

Rescue units reported the sinking of the Black Marlin 8888 at 1.30pm as it was transporting 23 Chinese visitors from the island to the mainland. Other boats in the area rescued the passengers and took them to the shore, they added.

Boat driver Natthawut Puengkusol said the vessel sank after it hit an underwater rock near the island, Thairath Online reported.

The injured tourists were identified as Lian Kaikai and his female tour colleague, Xhang Cuehua. They were sent to Rayong Hospital and the man was later discharged, it added.

Pol Col Narongdet Thappajaya, chief of the Phe police station, said police are collecting evidence before deciding whether the driver would be charged.

Mr Natthawut had a licence to drive boats and all passengers on board wore life-saving vests, he said.

Other boats rescue Chinese tourists on the sunk Black Marlin 888 speedboat off the coast in Rayong.


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