Shogun assets impounded, actor questioned

Actor Chatmongkol Bampen (centre) shows up at the Crime Suppression Division in Bangkok on Monday for interrogation. (Photos by Wassayos Ngamkham)

Police impounded cash, vehicles and property worth millions of baht from the pyramid scheme suspect Sin Sae Shogun and questioned an actor to find out if he was involved in the nationwide embezzlement scandal.

Pol Maj Gen Suthin Sapphuang, commander of the Crime Suppression Divison, said on Monday that police seized 3 million baht in bank accounts, some vehicles and a Nonthaburi condominium unit of Pasist Arinchalapis alias Sin Sae Shogun, 31, and people close to her.

Two of the vehicles are a Mercedes-Benz SLK 350 roadster and a Land Rover. They were used by Sin Sae Shogun's group when they arrived in Ranong province bordering Myanmar last Wednesday.

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