Chained inmates escape through court's gate

A picture captured from camera footage shows the hijacked prison truck driven through the gate of the Luang Suan court and ran over an arrested inmate in Chumphon province on Thursday morning. (Photo supplied by authorities)

CHUMPHON: At least five chained inmates have fled the Lang Suan court, three on a stolen prison truck which ran over another escapee.

Corrections Department director-general Naras Savestanan said the incident happened at 8.55am at the court in Lang Suan district. Ten inmates were brought to the court on a pickup truck of the Lang Suan prison.

According to early reports, the prison warder who drove the truck had been reckless and left the key in the keyhole while escorting the inmates to the court building, he said.

As court police had yet to come out to take them into custody, the inmates ran towards the gate of the court to escape. One of them ran out of the court through the opened gate. The second inmate was caught just outside the gate which was then closed.

Another three inmates managed to take the truck, broke open the gate and got away. In the process, they ran over the inmate arrested there.

Mr Naras said he would go to Chumphon to investigate the case.

The three inmates were identified as Tharathip Permlarp, Krisada Ketnui and Pichit Klin-ocha. They had been arrested for alleged drug trafficking.


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