Suspected rapist of own mother arrested

Police carry Chaiya Tana, 31, after giving him drugged drinks and food, ending his weeks-long hide after he allegedly raped his biological mother, in Doi Saket district of Chiang Mai province on Tuesday. (Picture captured from TV Channel 3 news)

CHIANG MAI: A former inmate, 31, was arrested in a forest in Doi Saket district on Tuesday for allegedly assaulting and raping his biological mother last month.

Chaiya Tana, a native of Doi Saket, was arrested after police had his friend send him drugged drinks and bananas in the forest not far from his home.

He had hidden there since the alleged assault and rape of his 66-year-old mother at their home in Ban Talad Khilek village in tambon Mae Pong of Doi Saket district on Dec 11.

Media reported Mr Chaiya had been convicted of the murder of his stepfather when he was a teenager. After being freed, he had been in and out of prison for other crimes. Local residents were said to be scared of him because he was allegedly violent when drunk.

Apart from the suspected rape, he reportedly assaulted his elder sister who had to leave home.

Just before the arrest, his friend told police that Mr Chaiya phoned him and asked for food. Police then gave him the food and drinks and searched the forest from early Tuesday morning. Police found him late in the morning.


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