Textbook lending plan opposed by private education council

The Council for Thai Private Education has opposed the Education Ministry's proposal to lend textbooks to students at primary and secondary levels to save money instead of giving away new sets of textbooks, saying no student wants to learn from books in bad conditions.

Private Education Council president Jirapan Pimpan said she disagreed with the ministry's plan to change its current policy of giving out books to only lending them by the next academic year. She said this could create an additional financial burden on parents as students will inevitably have to ask for a whole new set of textbooks.

"Students, especially at the primary level, usually draw things on their textbooks such as funny notes and no one can stop them because it's their nature. Therefore, if we lend them textbooks, the books will definitely be in bad condition when they are returned to school at the end of the year," Ms Jirapan said.

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