Philippine President Duterte makes first official visit

Duterte: Will wrap up regional tour here.

Many academics and international relations experts have pointed out that Asia has become more dynamic and confident. Among the Asian leaders who refuse to follow others is Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, who was due to arrive in Bangkok on an official visit last night.

President Duterte's visit to Thailand will conclude his introductory trips to neighbouring countries since he took office in June last year. This year, the leader has taken on more responsibility as the Philippines is now chair of Asean, and the association turns 50 on Aug 8. Thailand and the Philippines have had formal ties for almost 68 years, and the relationship has never been sour.

So, while the usual introductions and talks about strengthening ties can be regarded as routine, it will be interesting to hear what the two leaders discuss regarding the similarities and controversies the two countries share.

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