12th year students fail four of five O-Net exams

Year 12 students sat the O-Net exams last month and results released Monday showed that on average they failed four of the five subjects. (Bangkok Post file photo)

The results of nationwide O-Net tests for students in the 12th grade, or Mathayom 6, which came out Monday showed students failed four out of five subjects on average, according to the National Institute of Educational Testing Service (Niets).

O-Net stands for Ordinary National Educational Test. It is conducted annually by Niets to measures students' basic knowledge in five key subjects -- mathematics, English, Thai language, social studies and general sciences. All grade 6, 9 and 12 students must take the test to assess their academic proficiency. O-Net scores are used for university admission. The number of students taking the O-Net each year is about two million.

Overall, average scores for over 380,000 Mathayom 6 students tested nationwide this year in four subjects were under 50%, with mathematics and English remaining students' least favourite subjects with average scores of 24.8 and 27.7, respectively, Niets said.

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