Cheap cigarettes could see tax hike of 10 baht per pack

Smokers could be required to pay an additional 10 baht per pack for low-priced cigarettes after the new excise rate takes effect on Saturday, while the levy on expensive brands will be increased at a lower rate with the aim of narrowing the price gap between the two segments, says a source at the Finance Ministry.

Under the new tax structure, cigarettes will be liable for tax both in terms of volume and value, regardless of price, the source said.

The new levy in terms of volume will be increased to 1.20 baht per cigarette from 1.10 baht at present plus the tax based on value, which will be divided into two rates -- 20% of suggested retail price for cigarettes priced below 60 baht per pack and 40% for those priced more than 60 baht.

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