'Mask Singer' song top YouTube video in Thailand

A song by the oyster mask in the Mask Singer Season 2 song contest is the biggest hit on YouTube this year. (Photo form Workpoint official video)

A song from the Mask Singer Season 2 singing contest was the biggest-hit video on YouTube in Thailand this year.

Trab Thulee Din, by the Oyster mask in the competition, garnered more than 183 million views, becoming the most popular video on YouTube in the general category after it was posted on the video-sharing website on June 1.

The most viewed video on YouTube in the general category this year. (Workpoint official video)

Rueng Khee Ma, sung by Siripong "Nat" Srisukha during the Voice Kids of Thailand, came in a distant second, with 51 million views after it was shared on YouTube on April 30.

A duet between Lamyai Haithongkham and Zack Chumphae in the Kik Doo show was third with 34 million views. It was posted on YouTube on April 25.

In the music category, the most popular music video on YouTube went to Chan Mai Mee by T_T, which drew 278 million views since the debut on Jan 19, followed by Thod Vae La Cheb by Boy Phanomprai with 226 million views since April 7 and Mue Lan by the Jazz Spunik Papiyong Kuk Kik band, which first appeared on June 12.

The rankings were released by YouTube in Thailand on the year in review on Thursday.

The most popular video of the Mask Singer Season 2 underlined the success of the show by Workpoint TV, making the broadcaster among the top three channels in ratings. It is the biggest television station listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in terms of market capitalisation.


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