Storms predicted for Songkran after-party

The Thai Meteorological Department's Sunday forecast warned of violent storms in all areas of Thailand except the South. (File photo)

Most parts of Thailand, including Bangkok, will be slammed by a spell of powerful tropical storms which will mark the end of the Songkran holiday and scorching heat.

Heavy rain and hail are expected from Monday to Wednesday, the Meteorological Department warned after hail struck houses in Surin's two villages on Saturday, almost killing a man as his home collapsed.

Downpours also hit Ubon Ratchathani's Warin Chamrap district, causing a flash flood near a hypermarket Sunday morning, according to a media report.

Surin and Ubon Ratchathani are among 35 provinces in northern, northeastern and eastern regions which will face the freak weather Monday, the Meteorological Department said in its latest announcement issued early Monday.

Bangkok and other provinces will be affected Tuesday and Wednesday, it said.

The tropical storms result from a clash between Thailand's hot weather and a high-pressure system, packed with coldness, from China.

The cold wind reached Vietnam and Laos and later covered parts of the Thai northeastern region on Sunday, the department said.

Two villages in Surin's Chumphon Buri district already bore the brunt over the weekend, with at least 10 houses and a village temple seriously damaged.

Many flyaway zinc roofs reportedly littered the neighbourhood while large trees were felled.

Residents said the Saturday's hail storm was the worst they had experienced in 100 years.

Nueang Bunman took shelter in his house, but its pillars fell down on him, village head Chai Chiwachon said.

Fortunately, the 50-year-old survived, sustaining only minor injuries, he said.


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