Magic Skin couple bought 30 cars worth B68m

Deputy national police chief Wirachai Songmetta leads police in a raid on a factory in Samut Sakhon on April 24 - one of five factories found to have produced cosmetics and food supplements for Magic Skin Co. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Police are looking to seize 30 vehicles, including high-end performance cars, worth about 68 million baht bought by the couple who ran Magic Skin, a firm found to have marketed substandard cosmetics and weight loss products.

A police investigation has found that Wannapa Puangson, 34, owner of Magic Skin, and her husband Korn Puangson, 37, had used assets from the sale of their products to buy 30 vehicles, which were then registered in other people's names, deputy national police chief Wirachai Songmetta said on Wednesday.

Police were tracking down those vehicles. People found to have them would face charges of conspiring with the two suspects under the Anti-Money Laundering Act, Pol Gen Wirachai said.

The vehicles included luxury cars and motorcycles and were worth about 68 million baht, he said. They included Lamborghini, Porsche, Jaguar, Audi and BMW sedans.

Other assets such as cash, houses, land and brand-name bags would also be seized.

Investigators have asked vehicle registration officials to check the transfer of ownership of the vehicles, which would be confiscated, the deputy national police chief said.  

Ms Wannapa and her husband had allegedly transferred ownership of their vehicles to relatives and operators of car tents in Bangkok and other provinces.

A total of 904 victims, mainly people who bought the products for resale, have filed complaints with police against the suspects and their accomplices. Their losses were reported to total about 290 million baht, according to Thai media.

Ms Wannapa and Mr Korn are among eight people arrested last month for involvement in the production of unlicensed and substandard cosmetics and food supplements marketed under brands owned by Magic Skin. They are the primary suspects in the case.

Many celebrities who lent their names to the promotion of these and other products under investigation have already been questioned by police.

On Tuesday, police released a list of seven more celebrities summonsed for questioning on May 24. 

The deputy national police chief said another six have now been summonsed for questioning at the Royal Thai Police Office on May 26. 

Police raid the Pos Cosmetics (Thailand) Co factory in Samut Sakhon. The firm produces cosmetics and other products for Magic Skin Co. (Bangkok Post file photo)


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