Beaten conscript dies after 24-day coma

Private Kacha Pacha, 22, plays with his daughter, 3, during a break from the military training in this undated photo posted on Boy Krungkao Facebook on Friday.

An army conscript who sustained injuries and fell into a coma allegedly from a disciplinary session ordered by three senior conscripts 24 days ago died on Friday morning.

Private Kacha Pacha, 22,  attached to an infantry battalion in Lop Buri, died at 5.40am at Anandamahidol Hospital in Lop Buri province after seeking treatment for serious injuries.

The private was sent to the hospital on the night of Aug 21 and his family was informed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest.

His family later learned that Pvt Kacha's condition might have been the result of injuries following the disciplinary session in which three senior conscripts had allegedly beaten him.

His father Khomchan Pacha said the family had already come to terms with the loss of his son and was willing to forgive the three conscripts involved in the physical assault. If possible, he wanted them to apologise to his late son to end it all. He and his wife would forgive them so that Pvt Kacha's soul would rest in peace.

The death of Kacha left orphaned his three-year-old daughter and a yet-to-be-born baby. His wife was five months pregnant.

Mrs Runruedee said her son had served the army as a conscript for more than one year and he had another seven months to complete his service.

The family had talked to the three senior conscripts and they admitted they had assaulted him during the so-called “disciplinary session,’’ said the mother.  

Pol Capt Wichai Saenbut, deputy investigation chief at Muang police station in Lop Buri, said he would go to a military prison at the Army Circle 13 to press charges of colluding in a murder against the three conscripts who were being jailed there. They were previously charged with colluding in an attempted murder.

Army spokesman Col Winthai Suvaree said the army deeply regretted Kacha’s death. He also reassured the army would not protect the three conscripts involved in the assault. They would face punishment like wrongdoers in other criminal cases.

Col Winthai said the three conscripts, now being detained in a military unit, would stand trial in the military court as the suspects and victim were soldiers.

Private Kacha Pacha poses for a photo with his child in Lop Buri in a Facebook post published on Aug 23. (Photo taken from Boy Krungkao Facebook)


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