Fire fighters sent to national park, 379 hotspots found

Forest fire fighters put out a small blaze in Khuean Sringarindra National Park in Sri Sawat district, Kanchanaburi, on Thursday. (Photo by Piyarat Chongcharoen)

KANCHANABURI: Forest fire fighters have been sent to combat outbreaks in Khuean Srinagarindra National Park in Sri Sawat district, where hundreds of hotspots have been discovered this month.

Yutthachai Pattamasonthi, director of the protected areas regional office 3, on Thursday ordered the office’s forest fire control unit to coordinate efforts with nine other agencies and map out a plan to put out forest fires in the national park.

It follows the recent discovery of 379 hotspots in the area, revealed in data from the Suomi NPP satellite between March 1 and 11, sparking concerns about the threat of multiple forest fires in this western province.  

Ninety-seven fire fighters were deployed to Khuean Srinagarindra National Park on Thursday. 

Many small fires have already been extinguished in Khuean Srinagarind Natonal Park, and the threat of a major conflagration looms large with satellite data revealing 379 hotspots already this month. (Photo by Piyarat Chongcharoen)


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