22 indicted in Bangkok school raid

Police arrest men aged 18 to 41 involved in a Bangkok school raid and detain them at Bang Khunthian district police station on Feb 26. Prosecutors have indicted 22 suspects on multiple charges. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Prosecutors have indicted 22 men on multiple charges over a raid on a Bangkok school during university admission tests and sought the harshest punishments against them.

Kosolwat Anthujanyong, deputy spokesman for the Office of the Attorney General, said on Saturday that prosecutors had indicted Montri Poonsap and 21 other accomplices at the Thon Buri Criminal Court on Thursday.

In the lawsuit, the prosecutors opposed bail for all defendants and called on the court to impose the harshest punishments on them.

The defendants have faced 11 counts of charges involving the raid on Mathayomwatsing School in Bang Khuntian area of Chom Thong district, Bangkok, on Feb 24 this year. The charges included illegal assembly, trespassing on and destruction of government property, physical assault, intimidation, sexually harassing a girl aged below 15 and alcohol consumption on temple grounds.

The prosecutors said the defendants’ actions showed no respect of the law. They raided the school to attack students and teachers during the university admission examinations.

The men, some of whom were reportedly inebriated, were apparently angered by a request from teachers to turn off their loudspeakers so as not to disturb exam takers at Bangkok's Mathayomwatsing School.

They were believed to have been participating in an ordination ceremony at Wat Sing, a nearby temple, at the time.

Twelve people were injured during the raid, including the director of the secondary school, teachers, staff and students.

Mathayomwatsing, which is adjacent to Wat Sing temple, was organising a General Aptitude Test (GAT) and Professional and Academic Aptitude Test (PAT) when the scuffle broke out

A total of 248 students were taking the tests at the time. The examiners ended up giving them an additional 30 minutes to complete their exams after the intruders were cleared out.


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