'Spidercop' praised for saving woman after overdose

A police officer climbs between balconies of a dormitory in Plaeng Yao district, Chaochoengsao province to save a woman who is unconscious after taking an overdose of an unknown medicine in an apparent suicide. (Photo taken from @plaengyaopolice Facebook page)

CHACHOENGSAO: A woman lying unconscious in her dormitory room after taking an overdose of pills in an apparent suicide attempt was saved by a police officer who climbed between balconies to her room in Plaeng Yao district on Monday.

A rapid deployment police team was sent to the dormitory in Plaeng Yao district  at around 12.40pm after being alerted that a woman had taken an overdose of a medicine in a bid to take her own life.

The woman lived in a room on the second floor of the dormitory. When police knocked on the door, there was no response. The team then sought permission from the owner of a room next to hers to investigate.

A team member then climbed between the balconies to her room, but the glass door was locked.  

After seeing the woman lying unconscious, the officer decided to break open the glass door to get inside the room. 

The unconscious woman was rushed to Plaeng Yao Hospital.

Police later inspected the room and found an empty bottle of an unknown medicine on the floor.

The officer's climb between the balconies to save the life of the woman drew praise from netizens after images were posted online.

A member of a rapid deployment police team is seen climbing between balconies at a dormitory in Chachoengsao's Plaeng Yao district to save a woman who reportedly took an overdose of pills. The woman was later sent to a hospital. (Images taken from Facebook/@plaengyaopolice)


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