Four Myanmar men confess to murder of friend

Four Myanmar workers allegedly involved in the brutal killing of their compatriot are taken for a crime re-enactment in Phichit. They were caught in Kamphaeng Phet province after five days on the run. (Photo by Sitthipoj Kebui)

PICHIT: Four Myanmar workers caught for allegedly stabbing their compatriot to death in this central province last week have confessed, claiming to have committed the crime in a fit of anger after the victim asked to have sex with the wife of one of them.

Pol Maj Gen Thawatchai Muannara, chief of Phichit police, sent a combined team of police and immigration officers from Phichit and Kamphaeng Phet provinces to surround a sugarcane plantation in Khlong Khung district, Kamphaeng Phet province, on Wednesday, following a tip-off three Myanmar suspects had been hiding in the plantation.

The three men, identified later as Ren, Chaw and Aao, were subsequently caught, said a member of the police team. 

The exhausted trio were later taken to Phichit province. The fourth worker, identified as Zurin, was later caught.   

During the interrogation, the four men confessed to having killed Umao Ou, who worked as a hired-hand at a sugarcane plantation in tambon Noen Sawang in Pho Prathap Chang district, Phichit, at about 5pm on May 10. 

The suspects said before the killing, they and the victim had drunk together at workers’ living quarters. They claimed Umao, who often intimidated others, said he wanted to have sex with Mr Zurin's wife, angering the others. The four workers then beat him up and took turns stabbing him with scissors in a fit of anger, said police. 

After the killing, they dumped the body under a roadside tree and fled to Kamphaeng Phet, where they were later caught.

The four were taken for a crime re-enactment in Phichit on Thursday.

Three of four Myanmar workers are caught at a sugarcane plantation in Kamphaeng Phet province on Wednesday for the alleged killing of their compatriot on May 10 in Phichit province. (Photo by Sitthipoj Kebui)


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