Dem, PT coalition govt impossible - poll

A majority of people see no possibility for the country's two major political parties -- Pheu Thai and Democrat -- to join hands to set up a coalition government after the next general election -- although they would like them to do so, according to the results of an opinion survey by the National Institute of Development Administration, or Nida Poll.

The poll was conducted on June 21-23 on 1,250 people aged 18 and over of various occupations and education levels throughout the country.

On the possibility of the Pheu Thai and Democrat parties setting up a coalition government after the next election, a majority of the respondents -- 53.84% -- said this would definitely not be possible as the two parties hold different political ideologies and policies, and their conflicts have long been deep-rooted; 29.36% believed it might be possible, but some of their members might disagree; 6.32% said there is a strong possibility, because both parties could put the country's interests ahead of their own; and 10.48% were uncertain or gave no answer.

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