Princess Ubolratana confirms nomination

Princess Ubolratana posted a message on Instagram, confirming the Thai Raksa Chart Party's choice of her as its lone candidate for prime minister. (Photo from nichax Instagram)

Princess Ubolratana has confirmed her candidacy for the post of prime minister, thanked the Thai people for their love and support and promised to bring prosperity to the country.

The princess posted a message on her nichax Instagram account on Friday, thanking all Thais for their love and support. "I am deeply touched," she said.

The princess said she had stepped aside from being a member of the royal family and exercised her rights and freedom under the constitution as an ordinary person in deciding to represent the Thai Raksa Chart Party as its candidate for prime minister.

"My decision to allow the Thai Raksa Chart to register my name as a candidate for prime minister demonstrates my freedom and rights, with no privileges over other people, as stated in the constitution," she wrote.

She asked for the opportunity to bring prosperity to the country.

Her message was posted hours after Thai Raksa Chart officially registered her name as its candidate for prime minister with the Election Commission.


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