Five sentenced for stealing pickups used as car bombs

Bomb disposal police examine the wreckage of one of the stolen pickup trucks used as a car bomb, which exploded and damaged 10 police houses in Pattani's Mayo district in the early hours of Aug 17, 2017. (Bangkok Post file photo)

SONGKHLA: Five men have been sentenced for holding up a car dealer in 2017 and stealing five pickup trucks for use as car bombs.

One was given the death penalty, three life imprisonment and one 32 months in jail.

The Na Thawi provincial court passed judgement on Monday, Col Thanawee Suwanarat, deputy spokesman for the Internal Security Operations Command (Isoc) Region 4, said on Tuesday.

The robbery occurred on Aug 16, 2017. Men armed with guns held up the Wangto Car Centre in Na Thawi district around 11am. They left with five stolen pickup trucks and four hostages, heading towards Pattani district. 

Col Thanawee Suwanarat, Isoc spokesman. (Photo:  Assawin Pakkawan)

Two of the hostages were shot and wounded. A third managed to escape, in Thepa district of Songkha.

The police investigation and manhunt led to the arrest of five suspects.

Named in the prosecution indictments were Attanan Sa-ei, Panumas Leesen, Maroyee Radaeng, Hareeya Karee and Abdulmanas Jaelor. They were arraigned on charges including threatening national security, terrorism, illegal assembly, detonating bombs and robbery.

The Na Thawi provincial court sentenced Atttanan, the first defendant, to death. The second to fourth defendants –Panumas, Maroyee and Hareeya - were each given life imprisonment. The fifth defendant, Abdulmanaas, was sentenced to two years and eight months in jail.

All said they would appeal, Col Thanawee said.

They were returned to custody after hearing the judgement.  


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