The Dawei development dream left high and dry

Mining in Myanmar's industrial zone has flooded villages with problems, leading to demands that Thai investors show accountability

ebbs and woes: Villagers in Myaung Pyo say the creek began to dry up in the 1990s after Heinda Tin Mine, which is run by Thai-owned Myanmar Pongpipat Co, set up shop in the area. (Photo by Sayan Chuenudomsavad)

Over a decade ago, the Myaung Pyo creek in Myanmar's Tanintharyi region was clean and crystal clear -- a steady, trickling life source. The creek, running alongside a stretch of lush farmland, was relied on by villagers for various daily tasks such as watering crops.

Today the waterway is barely recognisable -- its murky, shallow water is awash in sediment. Nearby plantations, mainly for producing betal palms, also look like they are wilting.

"It's so sad that the creek is gone," said Zaw Moe Aung, a Myaung Pyo villager. "The villagers are very attached to the river. We used it to drink, water plants and cook."

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