Staying afloat

With severe flooding ravaging Thailand virtually every year, efforts are being launched to improve warning systems and water management

INUNDATED: Sakon Nakhon has been the hardest-hit province this year. photo: reuters

An unusual rainfall pattern that hit the Isan region late last month caused severe damage in many provinces, especially Sakon Nakhon province, where 426,037 people are suffering from heavy flooding with an estimated economic loss of billions of baht.

Seeing natural disasters getting worse every year and causing more damage to economic growth, stakeholders have reached a common understanding that they need to have good preparation to limit damage, including more effective early warning systems.

The National Disaster Warning Centre (NDWC) was set up after the tsunami in 2004. Its main function is to send warnings about natural disasters to all levels of state agencies, including local communities, so that they can be prepared.

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