Vietnamese hold police hostages in six-day land drama

Hostage takers in Dong Tam blocked off a street during their land dispute protest. The ironic banner reads, "The people of Dong Tam commune absolutely trust the policy and path of the Party and the State". (Reuters photo)

HANOI - Authorities in Vietnam's capital promised on Thursday to review the use of land at the centre of a dispute with protesters who have held 20 officials hostage for five days, local media said.

VnExpress said the offer was made by Hanoi's People Committee Chairman Nguyen Duc Chung to the residents of the Dong Tam commune, but that they had so far spurned his offer of a meeting to try to end the standoff.

People in Dong Tam, 40 km (25 miles) from the centre of Hanoi, say they were given insufficient compensation by authorities taking over residential land for a telecommunications project.

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