The more things change

A military regime is in power. It is driving Meechai Ruchupan's new constitution and passels of laws through its handpicked National Assembly to enable and ensure military hands on power even after it nominally returns to the barracks to allow elections the red shirts will probably win again. It has a new Computer Crime Act to intimidate and if necessary incarcerate infuriating pests complaining about lack of democracy. Oh, and almost forgot: it's not 2017.

All of that was the prequel to Dec 12, 2007.

Events on that day were tumultuous scenes where normally sane people became, briefly, adrenaline fuelled. It was literally riotous. The junta's National Legislative Assembly was put under siege and then attack by a surprising coalition that included some of the very last people you'd expect even to meet at a protest featuring violence, let alone right in the very thick of elbows and truncheons.

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