Man for all reasons

If anyone can start the much-needed reform of the Royal Thai Police, it's retired Gen Boonsrang Niumpradit, the most accomplished army general no one has heard of. (Photo via Twitter/@wassanananuam)

If you really were up against it, had to stop all the generalising and nonsense political talk and get down, really seriously down, to one set of reforms in one tough place that really, really needs reform, where would you choose?

That's the correct answer, and here's why. The Royal Thai Police can actually be reformed. It will be a very tough job, with more resistance and back-stabbing than an acupuncture session. But this time, after three long years of hot air and bluffing, the general prime minister has made the correct choice.

Or, rather, choices. Real reform -- let's call it reform to make a difference -- needs political will, political capital, political appointments who can deliver.

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