When art imitates life in the South

Suhaidee Sata is an artist from Pattani whose art pieces include charcoal sketches of guns used by security officials in the deep South. "This is M16a1," he pointed at one drawing. "This is M16a2. This is M4. And this is AK47."

I couldn't tell the differences. All sketches are bold black lines tracing the sturdy, formalist contours of the firearms, from barrel to magazine and trigger, transposed onto papers. They're forbidding and elegant, in a cold, uncompromising way. Many art students draw nude sketches to study anatomy; for Mr Suhaidee, the anatomy of fear is expressed in the stiff curves of the guns.

"I am not an expert in weapon. I just keep hearing about different gun models in the news, and I started looked them up for my work," said Mr Suhaidee.

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