How to Up Your Campaign Poster Game

Dear political parties,

Since you're going to turn our precious sidewalk into an obstacle course by cluttering it up with posters of your candidates, may I suggest making them memorable or amusing instead of a plain visual pollution? I delved into past examples for some tips on how you can make your posters stand out from the crowd. You're welcome.

Expressive Approach

In the sea of "I'm smiling while wearing my blazer and tie" look, you can stick out by simply showing different emotions on your face. Posters of Chuwit Kamolvisit are fine examples as he showed varied expressions from "I'm angry and pointing at something" to "See, I love dogs", both of which are pictured below.

This should gain you kudos from voters for making them realise that you get frustrated with the political status quo like they do. And that you feel their pain, too and want to fix it.

Minimalist Approach

A candidate poster usually at least contains their political party's name, their name, their picture, their number and the district they wish to represent if elected. It can look busy. Why not go in the opposite direction and incites intrigue among the public by showing very little on your poster? Below is a candidate poster in 2013 by-election in Don Mueang. It was mostly a big QR code and didn't show what the candidate looked like or even his name. Passersby would stop and wonder who this mysterious man is and scan the code to find out more.

Adding playing-hard-to-get and interactive element to your poster should at least impress the techno-savvy. Make sure your code direct them to a really cool landing page though.

"I'm People Person" Approach

Isn't it weird that you try to win over people but showing just your lonesome self on the poster? Warm your potential voters towards you by showing that you get along with people and that you're one of them, well, because you are. Posters of Democrat candidate Tankhun Jitt-itsara in 2013 Don Muang by-election are good example.

Bonus point if you appear to be working or helping people in the picture.


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