It's easy being green

"Lane closures for Orange Line start in Ramkhamhaeng", (BP, July 9).

Will there ever be an attempt to keep some major areas of Bangkok sunny and tree lined? Why is in necessary to build more ugly, massive, grey concrete pylons and train stations? It would be cheaper and easier to go the route of the LRT (light rail transit) so popular in so many European, Australian, Canadian and American cities. Tracks could be built 30 or more centimetres above road level with special sections to accommodate vehicles to cross over.

It is as if no one thought out how Bangkok was being planned, and, now, no one seems to care. It's all build, build and build some more, without a thought or concern for either the environment or residents. Who cares if people are inconvenienced? After all, to hell with them. They only live along the train routes. Disgusting, isn't it.

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