Hopeless wages

The refusal by the government and industrial sector to raise the minimum wage to 700 baht per day is telling.

If the economy and "Thailand 4.0" can only be sustained by paying a poverty wage instead of a living wage, than there is really no hope. It smacks of elitism when those at the top believe the ones at the bottom must suffer so they remain in their levels of economic comfort.

To say that labourers being paid 700 baht would make "as high as 20,000 baht per month" and positioning this as a negative because it would be higher than the monthly 15,000 baht for college graduates exposes two major problems instead of justifying the action. First is the assumption that labourers must work seven days a week since that is what they are forced to do at 350 baht per day for survival. That is how the figure is arrived at. It is really 14,000 baht a month. I wonder if the industry leaders and government officials responsible for this "refusal" work seven days a week with no vacations or leisure.

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