Airing grievances

This year I am early with my gripe in regards to the haze season.

Normally, March to mid-April see the mountains of Mae Hong Son disappear beneath the acrid haze caused by arson. This year the word is out that this government will have a serious crackdown on this illegal practice. But! Only from March 1.

So, since the end of January the mountains have already been under a cloud of poison. So, rather than March it is already in full swing. So, if March is clearer than usual the politicians will pat themselves on the back claiming success. It's okay to rob banks in February but not March is what comes to mind. So, I'm off to cleaner air a month earlier also. And I doubt March will be pure air anyhow.

Breathless Nik

New bus priorities

It is reported in various news media that the BMTA will modernise some bus stops and have facilities for charging mobiles and surfing the internet. Most people waiting for buses are so engrossed in their smartphones that they are hardly aware of the approach and departure of their buses. It would behoove the BMTA to acquire new, comfortable, modern buses instead of renovating bus stops. But then, judging from the traffic jams in Bangkok, the crawling buses along most routes, the filthy, black diesel smoke belching from their exhausts, perhaps it would be worthy installing oxygen breathers instead of mobile charging facilities.

Jack Gilead

Election buffoonery

Yes, the US buffoon-in-chief was chosen democratically, by buffoon civilians, the result being as stated, that he is undermining the nation's material well-being with their support, so clearly democratic elections did not result in good for that country.

The Thai nation already had an elected government, also chosen democratically by buffoon civilians, which also undermined the nation's material well-being, resulting in necessary intervention. If you can't justify that intervention, then enlighten everyone with what the alternative could have been.

I liken the "brute who seized the Thai nation" to a teacher in a class of immature juveniles, trying to restore some sort of sanity for their own good. Blindly repeating the same clamour for "democratic elections" just for the sake of the ideal, surely only to be followed by another "coup" sooner or later (19 times since 1932!) is clearly not the solution, so why the continual craving for the political squabbling and chaos that will certainly result again.

The business of government is complex, and the people's choice, based on the people's understanding of what is good for the country is not always the right one. We don't want something that you are happy with just because you were allowed to choose it. We want something that will work!


Biker kid madness

As a retired police officer living in Pattaya, it horrifies me to see so many small children driving motorbikes! Many of them look to be younger than 12 years old!

No helmets, no driving licence, no insurance and driving at high speed! Are their parents not worried?

I asked a police officer, why the police didn't stop this practice? His reply was "Because they don't have any money"!

That says it all!


Awful Brit embassy

I wonder if the British embassy in Bangkok has ever thought about doing a customer satisfaction survey.

One of the main reasons for their existence is to provide necessary services to UK nationals and taxpayers (of which I am one) but my dealings with them have been fraught with frustration.

If they were a private enterprise company they would have been out of business years ago and I wonder how many others feel the same way as I do. Instead of technology making things easier, they seem to be regressing and providing less and inferior services to their customer base.

I understand that most of the revenue derived from the sale of the current embassy will go to upgrade consulates in places such as Washington and New Delhi but how about improving the services in Bangkok first!


Winding us up?

A policeman says ITD president Premchai Karnasuta is still in Thailand (and incidentally, he is not the real owner of the brand new gold Rolex on his wrist, he's just winding it up).

Michael Setter

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