Double-edged words

Re: "Witch-hunts must end", (Editorial, June 12). Future Forward Party (FFP) spokeswoman Pannika Wanich should not be judged by society as guilty over the alleged anti-monarchist posts on her Facebook page.

However, as a new face in Thai politics, Ms Pannika should seize this opportunity to explain her innocence and clear her good name. As a public figure, she owes the Thai public that much.

The moral of this story is that despite having the advantage of youth and armed with modern-day high-tech tools -- young political players need to realise that those tools are a double-edged sword. Hence using them with great care is a must.

Vint Chavala

Exploiting the law

While the Bangkok Post is bravely defending Forward Party spokeswoman Pannika Wanich, her camp is silent for fear of being branded anti-monarchists.

People who bully their rivals with the lese majeste law have forgotten that the law protects only four persons, the current King and Queen, a crown prince or crown princess, and a regent.

We don't have a crown prince or crown princess at the moment and we have no regent right now, so, for the time being, the law only covers the King and Queen.

People who abuse and pervert this law should themselves be prosecuted and condemned for exploiting the monarchy for their benefit.

Somsak Pola

Immigration reality

I agree with Eric Bahrt in his June 11 letter, "Is insurance needed?"

I think we foreigners should be protected against any extreme costs caused by medical expenses to save one's life. Only if you are dollar-millionaire/billionaire you can shoulder costs for the unforeseeable, unexpected high costs of medicare, be it cancer treatment or Alzheimer's for example. And who saved money in any form to pay for health care when they were young and healthy? I guess nearly nobody.

But I agree with him that the Immigration Office "want[s] to make money for the insurance companies". What that means in reality is for vested Thai interests.

If health insurance for farang is so important to protect Thai hospitals against non-payers, why must it be a Thai insurance company? Like me, many farang in Thailand have health insurance which covers 1005 of medical costs in foreign countries. So, why should I have a double (Thai) contract? Thai immigration, please get real!


Skytrain crush

Twice in the last year I have travelled on the Skytrain from Ekamai to Nana. Last year's crush was bad but today's was unbelievable. Bear in mind this was at 12.30 today so it wasn't even the rush hour. How do the people who use the service cope with it?

T A Gregory

Proud of footballers

Thailand should be proud of their women's football team. No easy task playing against the US. With the score not in their favor they did not give up.


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