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  • 20 Apr 2017 at 21:45
  • Newspaper section: Photo

A "sacred pond" in southern Thailand and a busted global "ice" cartel are among featured events on April 20, 2017.

People are flocking to Ai Kasae village in Si Sakhon district, Narathiwat, to fetch black water from the small pool, believing it is sacred and has properties that can cure all diseases. They said the black water transformed into clear water after one day. — Abdulloh Benjakat

Four drug-trafficking suspects are at a press conference at the Office of the Narcotics Control Board in Bangkok. Authorities accuse them of being part of a global crystal methamphetamine cartel with a B1bn revolving fund. — Somchai Poomlard

Siamese fighting fish are put on display in the Nakhon Pathom Fish Fair in Salaya district, Nakhon Pathom. — Pattarachai Preechapanich

A craftsman is working on a mythical creature model as part of preparation for the royal crematorium of King Bhumibol, at the Office of Traditional Arts in Nakhon Pathom province. — Pattarachai Preechapanich

Government supporters attend a rally in Caracas, Venezuela. — Reuters

A "Long March CZ-7" rocket carrying the cargo spacecraft "Tianzhou-1", China's first cargo spacecraft, takes off from the Wenchang Spacecraft Launch Site in Wenchang, south China's Hainan province. The cargo ship is developed by the China Academy of Space Technology with a length of 10.6 metres and a diameter of 3.35 metres and a lift-off mass is about 13 tonnes. — EPA

People look at the AeroMobil flying car during its unveiling at the Top Marques Monaco supercar show in Monaco. — REUTERS

A US M1 Abrams tank fires its main gun while taking part in Justice Eagle 17 joint military exercise alongside Romanian counterparts, at Smardan shooting range, in Galati county, Romania. — Inquam Photos/Octav Ganea/via Reuters

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