TIME hails 'The Unusual Football Field' by 'AP Thailand' one of 25 best inventions of 2016

An unusually-shaped football pitch in the midst of the Klong Toei community has been hailed by TIME magazine as one of 25 best inventions of 2016 worldwide. Thais can take pride in AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited, the leading developer of properties and premier innovator of residential functional space design, and the brains behind the new-concept AP Unusual Football Field in the Khlong Toei community, which has been selected by TIME magazine as one of 25 best inventions of 2016 worldwide.

The inventions were shortlisted for their ability to make the world better. The unusual football field is the result of channelling the company's expertise in residential space design to give back to society under the AP Think Space concept. Following a survey of the Khlong Toei community, AP Design Lab decided to turn waste areas in the area into space that would be of benefit to everyone in the community. The result is a couple of odd-shaped -- L or zig zag-shaped -- football pitches, proof that a football field is not necessarily limited to a regular rectangle. It was a world's first and a challenge to the way AP thinks in order to overcome traditional limits in space development through a different creative perspective. It has created a 'valuable life space' that has been useful for everyone in the community -- small kids, older kids and adults. It is an innovation in design like no other which deserves praise from the prestigious TIME magazine.

AP Unusual Football Field

Mr. Pattaraphurit Rungjaturapat, Deputy Chief Corporate Image Officer, AP (Thailand), said, “When talking about living in a community where there are a lot of people, many often think about the many problems like juvenile delinquency or life quality issues. During an annual internal discussion, we discussed ways and means to channel our expertise in space design into helping society so that people can live a better life. We ended up with the idea of designing something for the Khlong Toei community with emphasis on turning untended or useless areas into something productive.”

AP Unusual Football Field

 “Many people wonder if a football field that is not in a rectangular shape is really playable. But since we agreed that a football field is what people in the community wanted, we considered that size and shape should not be an obstacle for us to build the field. The problem was how to do it given the limitations, how to make it most practical. It was a challenge to our team of designers. The two football fields -- the L-shaped and the zig zag-shaped -- was not just a result of thinking differently, it was a balanced design that brings the most flexibility and seamlessness to the community. The important thing is it must be usable without having to stick to the traditional shape.”

“The fact that TIME has selected AP Unusual Football Field (unusually shaped football pitches) as one of 25 best inventions of 2016 is beyond our wildest imagination. The positive response from local and international media has also been overwhelming. But on top of everything, the paramount achievement of this project is that what we created can really meet the needs of the community because the heart of our design philosophy is the end-user - the people in the community - who benefited from the space we created. It is what we really intended to do just like the criteria TIME magazine used to select a best invention -- it must make the world better.

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AP (Thailand) executives - (L-R) Mr. Sappasit Foongfaungchaveng, Head of Corporate Marketing photographed with Mr. Pattaraphurit Rungjaturapat, Deputy Chief Corporate Image at AP (Thailand)'s headquarter.

Mr. Pattaraphurit Rungjaturapat, Deputy Chief Corporate Image, AP (Thailand) Public Company Limited

Time magazine selected AP Unusual football Field 1 of 25 inventions of 2016


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