I'm Batman (kind of)

Tech toys that bring you one step closer to becoming the Dark Knight

This past month, we saw the release of what was possibly the best movie featuring the Caped Crusader: The Lego Batman Movie (yeah, move over, Christopher Nolan). While we everyday people don't have the skills nor the money to become the Dark Knight, these gadgets may bring us ever-so-slightly closer to being the masked vigilante Bangkok needs. Not included: Batsuit with batnipples and tragic origin story.

Photo: Motorola

Motorola VerveOne

Why would Batman need this: He needs a way to listen to his "Crime-fighting Jam" while he's wearing his cowl.

Pros: The Motorolla VerveOne provides a completely wireless music-listening experience. There are no wires that connect to the earbuds. While that may be a concern for some -- remember how everyone freaked out when Apple announced their EarPods?! -- the app that goes along with it, VerveLife, allows you to track the location of the earbuds in case you ever lose them. They're waterproof as well so you won't have to worry about them sliding off your sweaty ears when you're working out. The best thing about these things though is their battery life. You can go for days without charging them. Additionally, the case they come in with is pretty cool. Definitely makes you feel like the Dark Knight.

Cons: Wireless bluetooth headphones are great because of the "no tangle" hassle, but they're also a victim of connection interruptions. The VerveOne is no exception. You sometimes lose music in one earbud for a second or so before it fades back in. Sometimes, you lose music in both. Other times, you'll find the music speeding up or skipping sections. To prevent this from happening often, make sure you place your phone or music device in your right pocket. Expect more interruptions when you're wearing jeans though.

Batman worthiness: 3/5
Available at Jaymart, iStudio, and .Life for B8,990.

Photo: Eric Emmanuel Surbano

DOBBY Pocket Drone

Why would Batman need this: Reconnaissance before jumping into action and kicking the Joker's butt. Also, to keep track of where Robin goes because Batman is not creepy about his protégé at all.

Pros: Like its name implies, the DOBBY Pocket Drone can easily be taken anywhere due to its small size. It comes with a cute little felt storage bag too. But really, it's way cooler when you put him in the back pocket of your jeans. Despite its size, the DOBBY is armed with a camera that produces photos with pretty high resolution and it takes some good videos. You control the pocket drone using your phone through the Do.Fun app and it responds very well. Plus, transferring photos from the drone to your phone gallery is no biggie as the app lets you do it seamlessly.

Cons: Battery life. The DOBBY Drone comes with two batteries and after a few tries, we understood why. Each battery will last you about 9 minutes of flight time, depending on how you use the drone. If you fly it pretty high and far, the battery drains faster. The same goes when you take a video instead of just taking photos. Plus, because it's quite small, the drone easily overheats. Don't try touching the battery and the rotors immediately after a flight. Don't try putting it in your pocket after flying, either. That should be obvious already but we just wanted to make that really clear.

Batman worthiness: 3.5/5
Available at Gizman Lifestyle for B15,500.

Photo: Monowheel Drift

Monowheel Drift

Why would Batman need this: Remember when the Tumbler (aka the Batmobile) was damaged in The Dark Knight and the Batpod (aka the Batcycle) was Batman's contingency vehicle? Well, the Monowheel Drift would be his plan B if the Batpod were to get damaged.

Pros: The locally made Monowheel Drift can really only be described with one word, and we do think it encompasses what we feel about it: fun. It's ridiculously fun. Have you seen the video up on our FB page? If the answer is no, you know what to do before you read on. The electric bike is easily manoeuvrable and it's called "Monowheel Drift" for a reason. You don't simply turn when on the bike. You lean your whole body to the left or right so that you "drift" that way. Aside from your vigilante needs, this baby can be used when you want to fool yourself into "riding a bike" when going to the park because technically, it's still a bike. Also, it's pretty useful if you want to go to the 7-Eleven at the end of your soi and you can't be bothered walking because duh, feet are made for anything else but walking.

Cons: There's no rearview mirror. We wanted to ride this thing to work, dang it. Also, it doesn't reverse.

Batman worthiness: 4.5/5
Available at Gizman Lifestyle for B14,900.


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