Go-Tough Power Station


Equipped with a 120,000mAh battery and an IP66 rating, the Go-Tough Power Station sets a new standard for universal charging. The portable battery is equipped with six charging methods including AC output, DC output, dual USB ports, AC inverter, car jump starter and Qi wireless charger. It can charge multiple devices simultaneously and wirelessly play up to 40 hours of music.

Silent Beacon

Silent Beacon is a wearable safety device that places phone calls, sends alerts and enables GPS tracking for potential emergency situations. With one touch, you can send multiple text messages, push notifications, emails and send voice calls to your pre-stored emergency contacts inside the app.

Microlab M-600BT

Microlab M-600BT is a 2.1 multimedia speaker system with Bluetooth, easily connecting to your phone and enabled devices. The wooden subwoofer covered with snow white leather finishes and the satellites are designed with cloth net. The 5.25-inch woofer and 2.5-inch tweeter bring full-range acoustic performance with deep bass and crystal clear vocal sound.

Aventho Wireless

The Aventho wireless offers premier Tesla technology drivers with top-class Bluetooth transmission for optional sound quality. It adapts acoustically to user's hearing thanks to integrated sound personalisation via the compatible MIY app. It has impressive battery life of more than 30 hours and intuitive handling using the touchpad in the right ear cup.


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