Employees hide social media

Boss not allowed. (Bangkok Post file photo)

Over half of employees hide their social media activity from their boss and coworkers, according to a study by Kaspersky Lab.

Kaspersky's "Global Privacy Report" found 59% of respondents hide their social media activity from their boss and 52% from their coworkers, while 90% say they go online several times a day.

Almost two-thirds of employees (64%) said they visited non-work-related websites while at work, but only 29% say they are against the idea of their employer monitoring what websites they visit. Another 34% of respondents are against showing their employers the contents of their private messages and emails.

Only 5% of respondents said their career was irrevocably damaged as a consequence of their personal information being monitored.

"As going online is an integral part of our life nowadays, lines continue to blur between our digital existence at work and at home, and that's neither good nor bad," said Marina Titova, head for consumer product marketing at Kaspersky Lab.

"That's how we live in the digital age. Just remember that as an employee you need to be increasingly cautious of what exactly you post on social media feeds or what websites you prefer using at work."

The report recommends employees refrain from posting anything defamatory, obscene, proprietary or libellous, and always be aware that system administrators may be monitoring their web browsing. It also says employees should not post photos of other employees or customers without permission.


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