Calling all enduro bikers

To some, 2016 isn't over yet, not until this weekend when the final round of the Thailand Enduro Series is completed.

The upcoming event is set to take place in the woodland around the upper reservoir of Lamtakong Jolabha Vadhana pump-storage hydroelectric power plant on Khao Yai Thiang, Nakhon Ratchasima. It will see scores of hardy mountain bikers competing to decide who will be the overall winner in each category (grouped by age and skill level) of the current four-round series which began in June last year.

For those not familiar with this kind of competition, here's enduro mountain bike racing in a nutshell. Like in a DH event, winners in an enduro race are decided by their time riding downhill. The fastest rider wins. But unlike in a DH race, enduro riders do not have the luxury of a shuttle to the trailhead; they need to get to the start point up the hill by themselves. Also unlike DH racers, enduro riders compete on not just one track in a day but several. Winners are those with the best accumulated time at the end of the day.

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