Klong Ong Ang plan only offers a band-aid solution at best

The priority is more on tourism than really cleaning up the environment

City Hall will plant more trees along the canal, after several large trees fell down last year, to pave the way for a cleaner and tranquil Klong Ong Ang. (Photos by Panuphong Changchai)

As a resident living near Klong Ong Ang, Kriengkrai Thaithong is keen to see the neighbourhood thrive after stalls and structures at the long-running Saphan Lek Market on the canal's banks were cleared by officials last year to make way for a cultural tourism project.

His dream is to see people strolling along the leafy tree-lined banks of the canal which beckons people with clear water or to paddle along the scenic route, enjoying the local ways of life.

This is the vivid picture Mr Kriengkrai had in mind after being told about the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration's (BMA) plan to improve the landscape of Klong Ong Ang and its surroundings.

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