Plane to Busan

South Korea's port city has a wealth of history, contemporary and ancient

Gamcheon culture village.

Cargo cranes lift colourful containers into gigantic ships at the huge Busan port. Traffic slowly eases toward Gwangan Bridge, passing beaches and islands that scatter the coast. The Sun is about to set and darkness slowly blankets colourful houses on the Gamcheon Culture Village slope. Light from seaside skyscrapers reflects on the seawater at the marina, as restaurants and beach bars light up for the night. Tourists fill the streets, looking for fun.

Busan, a vibrant destination at the southern corner of the Korean Peninsula, never sleeps.

The port city of Busan is always filled with busy moments. The picturesque seascape and artful atmosphere makes it a great place for filming. This month, the Thai TV series Legal Wife, which was partly filmed in Busan, will be aired in Thailand.

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