Queues at Don Mueang pick up speed

Arriving passengers say the waiting time at immigration on Monday at Don Mueang was no more than an hour

On Monday, many passengers could see to the front of the passport line in the Don Mueang airport arrivals hall. (Twitter/@HerlinaEline)

The wait at Don Mueang International Airport's foreign immigration line was around 30 minutes to an hour on Monday, after long queues leading to four- to five-hour waits on Saturday prompted outrage.

A Bangkok Post reporter on Monday went to Don Mueang airport to see first-hand whether there was any overcrowding of arriving passengers at immigration as was the case from Friday night to early Saturday morning.

Passengers at Don Mueang experienced long queues and congestion at the immigration stations on Saturday due to an influx of passengers from four unscheduled flights on top of the 21 anticipated ones.

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